2017 – the year we will love ourselves more

There certainly is a lot of noise around this year, everywhere I turn people are asking us to reflect, set goals and turn to 2017. And whilst I do believe reflection is important so is just being, taking a deep breath and not giving opportunity for our inner critical voice to take over.

I’m the first to agree; it’s been a full on year, right?

It certainly wasn’t the year I was expecting, but looking back now, I can see it was exactly the year I was MEANT to have. It was the year I needed. Whilst I welcomed the safe arrival of my 2nd son, the year has certainly dealt me a number of challenges and I’ll admit I have lost my way a few times, disconnecting and questioning my every decision. But in the same breath I have had some amazing times with beautiful lessons. I have grown as a person.

It’s self-connection that helps in my every day. I truly believe that when you connect to your inner voice you have all the answers within. No one else can teach you your inner path or hear your voice except you. But how do we do this with all the busy in our world???? Self-care!

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, I bang on about it all the time. ‘First care for yourself so you can care for others.’ I 100% believe this is the answer to everything because with self-care comes an opportunity to hear your inner voice of wisdom. And in my own personal dark moments when I’m on the floor in the fetal position because I’ve let everything get on top of me, it’s knowing that this moment has come because I simply have forgotten to care for myself. Whether I’ve forgotten to eat, or I’ve been running around like a crazy person ticking the ‘to- do’ list off, a moment of clarity reminds me that it’s not possible to function like this with little sleep, no exercise or food. Yet as a mum and business women I fall into the busy trap of life – where my life moves forward without me even being present.

Wake up moment, be present and look after myself. Take ‘small moments often’ is my mantra. So as you move into 2017 I hope you can take some time to consider how you can fill up your self care bank account. If you need a little help from the spa check out our new spa membership packages here because they are all about you and your self care.

Set free all that does not serve you well… any emotions, situations, people; because 2017 is about you and only you can make the changes that are needed, follow your inner voice and create the most abundant life.

For me there are big changes coming in 2017, but changes that have come from a place of rest, of slowing down, of healing and finally connecting to my truth. I leave you to watch this little video, I’m sure all of us could pay a tittle more attention to our golf balls and pebbles as they are the things that will make us smile more this time next year.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me and I hope you devote this year to loving yourself more.

Deb xx


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