A Massage Under Water

The term ‘spa’ is an acronym for the saying ‘Salus Per Aquam’ – or translated – ‘health through water’.

Our bodies are made up of up to 70% water so it makes sense that when we are near water we feel at ease and connected. Our rainshower (traditionally known as a Vichy shower) includes seven shower heads that are placed in a row over a custom made table, in a specially designed wet room with tiled walls and floor. During the energizing treatment, the water cascades over the body while a skilled therapist massages your body head to toe. We can use the shower to complement salt scrubs and wraps, but as a standalone treatment it certainly packs a punch for results.

The Benefits:

  • Pulsating water encourages muscles to relax
  • The sound of water running and draining can be used as a form of meditation and mindfulness
  • The Vichy shower aids in lymphatic circulation, which allows the immune system to function efficiently.
  • Increases the benefits of products recently absorbed by your skin
  • Reduces toxins and waste, assisting detoxification
  • Stimulates the skin drawing blood to the surface
  • Hydrates your body through your skin, improving skin and muscle tone
  • Reduces your stress response through skin nerve stimulation
  • Loosens tense, tight muscles and encouraging relaxation
  • Increases the metabolic rate and digestion activity
  • improves the function of the internal organs by stimulating their blood supply

Water therapy gives your body valuable time to return to balance, improving its functions and decreasing the effects of stress.

Experience a Rainshower Massage here

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