Celebrate the little things!

Have you noticed lately how serious the world has become? Whilst trying to have it all – the nice home, successful career and great partner – we forgot to have fun and to celebrate what’s right in front of our face!

I am blessed for the life I have and therefore make sure I take some time out each day to express gratitude for all the things in my life that are good, and even what’s not so good.  Gratitude and celebration brings us back to the present and helps us to recognise and appreciate all the beauty and wonder already around us. As creatures of habit we tend to stick with what we know. We get up at the same time, run through our morning routines, take the same route to work, go to the same restaurant and hangout with the same people… are we all on autopilot?

With this in mind I set myself a personal challenge of new and different for the next 7 days. I started by working out where i had disconnected from myself and discovered that i was lacking in some ‘Deb time’; not Mummy, boss or partner- just Deb.

One of the things i noticed that had the greatest impact was simply rising an hour earlier. One of the things i had missed since becoming a Mother was reading; by the time i fell into bed i could barely keep my eyes open, and pages would pass without anything sinking in. So started my day an hour earlier, with a salute to the sun, connection of breath and the rest of the time i dedicated to self awareness reading.

Next i made a point to find new observations as i participated in my day. For example, on my way to work i made a conscious effort to observe new; work someone had performed on their house, a fresh council garden bed, or the way my colleague had styled their hair. And lastly i committed to appreciating at least one cup of tea (or coffee if you drink it!) a day with my mind in the present, focused on only that task. It allowed me space to appreciate smells, tastes and sensations that i wouldnt have noticed otherwise.

Today I challenge you to try something new. I promise it will be refreshing and will keep you sharp and fresh and if it’s fear holding you back, there’s a great resource in the book ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers, one of my all-time favourite sayings and books.

Give it a try – and I’d love to hear how it made you feel!

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