Have you heard the term NEPA? It means Non exercise physical activity. You may be more sedentary than you think!

Even though you may train like crazy, 3 times per week for 90 minutes, what do you do to move your body in the time between those workouts? Everybody nowadays is glued to screens – tv, ipad, iphone, etc, which means moving our body has taken a backseat for the other 8+ hours a day.

During this time everything tightens ups and our breathing shallows resulting in a compromised posture, and confused energy flow. And this means fatigue, achy muscles and joints, dull skin and mental fogginess. Sound familiar? That is not how our body is meant to be!!!

Non Exercise Physical Activity (NEPA) is all about how our body moves when we don’t intentionally ‘exercise’ it. This kind of movement is less about the sweat and high heart rate, and more about general movement. Without even realising it you are keeping your body from becoming sedentary and supporting all that hard work you do at the gym by keeping the muscle fibres warm and pliable, not to mention that you can burn up to an extra 700 calories per day simply by moving.

Some ways you can increase you NEPA movement levels are:

  • Wash the car by hand, instead of at the drive through car wash
  • Take a gentle walk with the dog
  • Take the stairs
  • Have ‘walk meeting’ – need to talk to a co-worker? Walk and talk!
  • Buy a pedometer and make your 10,000 steps

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