Mums are the buttons of the world!

Mother’s day. It’s odd really that it takes a dedicated day to stop and truly reflect on what is around us every day…Mothers.

Being a mother is one of the most important, difficult, and rewarding jobs we will ever have in our lives. From the beginning of life, mothers are the ones who care for, nurture, and protect the people we love. Our children very rarely understand the many sacrifices a mother makes over and over again. To be honest, I’m not even sure mothers truly appreciate or understand these sacrifices either.

A mother’s love runs deep, instinctively and without thought. It’s what keeps women juggling, self-criticizing, guilt ridden and compromising, even when they are exhausted. Rarely does a woman consider putting herself before her child. But maybe if the mothers of the world could shift their thinking slightly to see that first looking after themselves would replenish themselves from within, enabling them to give more to those around them; and all without feeling burnt-out. I personally would love to see a shift in self-care thinking, encouragement, support and leadership between women wherein first caring for ourselves so we can care for others, was the predominant way of thinking.

Mums never stop amazing me – they truly are the glue to most families and they rarely know their own power or even use it. It’s easy to forget how mum and baby once were one. Every emotion you felt, every tear, every stress, every moment of laughter and joy… they felt it. When you were happy your baby was happy too. When you worried, your baby worried. Even after children are born, they have a keen awareness of their mother’s vibes. This means that a smile, words of praise, sharing your belief that everything will be OK; it all means the world to them, even if they never say so.

The reality is, some people are overwhelmed by challenging feelings. Whether it be because of problematic relationships, grieving children or for those who have wanted but have been unable to have children at all. How cool would it be if women could confide in each other honestly about the expectations, challenges, and obstacles they face every day. To be able to support each other, and help each other acknowledge the good within, that can sometimes be so hard to see when its right in front of you. To support each other, be caring in our thoughts and actions, and treat everyone’s journey with the compassion it deserves. If we all left our egos and judgemental attitudes at the door and instead embraced each the day with these attitudes, we might be able to better appreciate ourselves first as women then Mothers.

Each woman’s life is equally valid and sacred. So I invite you to do something nurturing for yourself today, even if it’s simply to make yourself a cup of tea, take a few deep breaths and say to yourself “You’ve got this. It’s all going to be ok.”

Know that You are enough. You do matter, and your life is of immense value.

I’d like to send you a big hug wherever you are, however you are feeling, and further take a moment to honour, celebrate, and express gratitude for all that you do!

Happy Mother’s Day to you and the special women in your life.

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