Ritual – De-clutter your pantry

In Feng Shui, a clean, food-filled pantry represents the center of family life and a symbol of good health, wealth and continuing prosperity.

To keep it positive follow these easy steps:

  1. Remove everything from your pantry, wipe the shelves, and get rid of anything that has expired
  2. Remove and cleaning products – storing your cleaning products near your food symbolises cleaning away your good health
  3. Replace old spices, nuts and oils, and refill cannisters with new ingredients.
  4. To finish, spritz your kitchen and adjoining rooms with our Cleanse Room Spray to remove the last traces of stagnant energy.

Hello health and wealth!

  • we recommend using cleaning products that won’t harm our beautiful earth or cause any irritation, you must check out Planet Luxe┬áHouse Cleaner!

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