Seeing the light in times of hardship

Recently I went through a period of darkness.

In my mind I am well aware I have a great life but sometimes life gets a little much, and moments of darkness can move in. For me it’s usually when I lose control and my ‘over achieving’ nature slips in the door ahead of my wellbeing, resulting in poor physical and mental health. This has always been a lifelong battle, becoming a slave to the over active mind that thinks it can be everything for everyone, always!

The thing is, there is always light through the darkness and in moments of intense darkness we can see elements of our soul that lead us to discover our truth. So many of us live in our darkness and we use our fear like a heavy curtain. We shut out our light. If we embrace our light, our light grows and the darkness fades. We all have a light inside us.

I am not afraid of my darkness any more. In fact, there have been times when I have been more afraid of my light. It shines so bright its blinding and it is overwhelmingly beautiful.

Our darkness makes us appreciate our light, and our light gives us gratitude for our darkness. It shows us our true potential is limitless. I share this with you because I hear it all the time and hope that one day we can be transparent in where we are as humans not trying to blind the truth pretending to be ok when we aren’t. Acknowledging these moments is powerful because I am growing to realize them sooner and now have the tool kit to move through the darkness sooner; by practicing good self-care always! Practice good self-care, and be clear around your boundaries of what you can achieve in your day whilst still honoring yourself with always help.

When my light is shining I can lead, uplift and heal others with compassion and grace.

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