Self-care for Mums

I see motherhood as a journey that opens up your heart and fills your life with unforgettable moments. But in our society, motherhood is more stressful than I could have ever imagined. It is relentless, exhausting, and it consumes you.

I see it all the time, women putting the needs of their family before their own, you get lost in the daily routine of mundane tasks, endless chores, no fun and before long you become a burnt out mum that resembles a shadow of what you once where. Reconnect with your self today, with these really simple but effective self-care tips and have a goal to achieve at least one ‘me moment’ a day!

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Your self belief will have a huge impact on how you judge yourself as a mother. The laundry can wait: washing away the negative self-talk in your mind is far more important. Let go of any motherhood guilt that you feel and tell yourself that you are all your child needs and that you are a loving mother.

LOG OFFStep outside, take a deep breath and engage all your senses. See the beauty of nature. Observe the clouds, the wind in the trees and the smell of autumn in the air. Being mindful means opening up your conscious mind which frees you from worry and stress.

UNPLUG AND PLAYBeing constantly plugged in to technology has a huge impact on our lives. Turn off all devices and spend 15 minutes a day playing with your kids. Absorb yourself in their world and see that your child can teach you so much about life.

TAKE A BREAK – you need one. By taking some time to relax and replenish your energy you are also soothing your children. A calm mother will have calm children as they reflect us like a mirror. Book yourself a massage, go on a mindful walk or take a yoga class.

PRACTICE GRATITUDE – Gratitude is like magic because it turns what you have into enough. Create a gratitude jar and write down on a note what you are gratitude for each day. When you are feeling stressed re-read the notes and use this as a reminder to be present in your day.

BE A LIGHTHOUSEBy practicing acceptance you will learn to truly love who you are, then you can extend this love to others. Accept your situation for what it is and your children for who they are. Your job as a mother is to guide your children through life like a lighthouse that shines brightly, providing uplifting motivation to yourself and your loved ones.


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