Sugar is making you look old!

Wrinkles, lines, creases … whatever you want to call them they are the things on our faces that make us cringe whenever we see a new one and spend countless dollars on trying to fix. Now we aren’t talking about the lines from years of smiles and belly laughs; those ones are special and are a daily reminder of the beautiful life you have lived. I am talking about the crinkly, crepey lines that start to look like a cross-stitch pattern on your face. Yes, you know the ones I am talking about!

While there are many factors that contribute to skin ageing; sun, smoking, skincare – there is one sneaky culprit that has been hiding away in your food and drinks, causing a lot of damage, EEK!
Its scientific name is Sucrose – but you will know it best as SUGAR. Surprised?

Let’s break it down, when we ingest (eat) sugar, it doesn’t take long to enter our bloodstream as a sugar molecule. These molecules just love to attach to protein molecules – but when they do they transform into a destructive molecule known as an Advanced Glycation End product (or ironically, AGE for short). The higher the blood sugar, the more AGEs you have. This process is called Glycation. So what’s the big deal, I hear you ask?

Press your finger into your cheek – does it bounce back? Is it cushiony? What you are feeling is collagen and elastin. It’s what keeps your skin taut and smooth. These collagen and elastin proteins are susceptible to damage from the AGEs, causing them to become stiff and rigid, instead of soft and springy like you can feel now. The result? Wrinkles, lines, creases and sagging.

So what can you do about it? That’s easy – never eat sugar again… just kidding!
But, you do need to limit your intake. The body can use sugars for energy but when there is an excess, this glycation process is likely to occur. It is recommended to keep your intake under 10 teaspoons per day.

But it’s not all bad news, new technology allows us to combat glycation through skincare. With a change in diet and these ingredients you can begin to reverse the damage caused. For example, The Comfort Zone Skin Regimen range contains spinach and carnisone (from pumpkin seeds), two ingredients that combat AGEs and support skin cells growth.

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