All aboard! The Spa blog is live

Did you know this year The Spa Beechworth will celebrate its 10th birthday this year and I’m celebrating being self-employed in the beauty / wellness industry for 16 years? Not a bad effort really… thank %*&@ for my skill set, I’m sure it’s helped me age more gracefully!

On reflection I have accomplished a lot, and I have learnt more than I could have ever imagined, had plenty of great times and equally as many tough times. I feel I have honoured our industry well. I have aimed to be innovative in our region, bringing new trends, ideas, thoughts, treatments and education. I’ve been 100% committed to training industry leaders and have helped produce the most amazing therapists I have ever seen. For all of this I feel immense pride.

The turbulence experienced at our current location (that’s a story for another post), motherhood and just the sheer amount of time I have spent in the industry have prompted some great soul searching over the last few years. This blog project has been 2 years in the making, we have had numerous consultants working on our business over the years and there has always been one constant feedback- I needed to share our journey, learning and experiences.  An easy task in theory but for me it bought up self doubt. I wasn’t prepared to write / share if I couldn’t be honest in my reflections but honesty is confronting.

So it’s with excitement, and some personal fear, that I will be launching our blog this week. It’s been inspiring looking over all of our past articles, newsletters, and education seminars so we could compile them into one big fat resource for all to access. Plus, I have been a busy beaver writing lots of NEW stuff to share as well. Whilst my family and friends often challenge my ideas and sometimes my thinking, I’ve come to realise that that’s ok. Sometimes it’s in the sharing that real growth happens. I would be lying if I said the vulnerability required to write this blog hasn’t been confronting. But I’m both excited and nervous about what’s to come and quietly confident that it will find the right audience.

Lastly, I want to reassure you that the spa will continue, just not in its current location…yep the secret is out! And this is the place to hear about it first.

I hope you enjoy, learn and participate…it’s been a big year and an even bigger journey.

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