You are enough – Pregnancy and beyond

Pregnancy can be a very emotional time. Our Sacral chakra – which governs our relationships and our fears-  is wide open, and it can be a time of real joy or real turmoil.

For some pregnancy can be fear engulfing whilst for others they seem to breeze through without a hiccup. For most women being pregnant is a time to reflect and make changes to their life to support the growth of a healthy baby. First-time mums are often overloaded with fear and sometimes all the rules makes you feel like you need to be wrapped in cotton wool. It is a time of trust because of the unknown, and if you’re anything like me I read and read but there are so many conflicting messages! All you really want is the safe arrival of a healthy baby!!

My birth definitely didn’t follow my ‘birthing plan’; infact, Jaspers arrival was full of fear, he was born with an emergency cesarean and he was incredibly sick. I had the helpless feeling, constantly wondering if he was going to make it to the next day.  I never realised I could love something as much as I loved him, and I soon learnt that it’s this love that will get you through even the toughest of times.

For me, pregnancy and the first year of being a mum was a huge learning journey of forgiveness and letting go. Even though it was a time of great hardship, it was a time of great healing as well. And in reflection I realise had I not had a sick baby I wouldn’t have slowed down, found mindfulness and embraced the life I have today.

If I had this journey again (yes I would definitely pick a healthy baby) I would go armed with the knowledge that life will only give you what you can handle and know I have the tools to deal with whatever life brings. And for any pregnant mums out there, take time every day to connect with yourself and your baby, feel the fears and let them be.  And STOP questioning yourself because YOU ARE ENOUGH. You have all the resources you need within you to make good decisions for both you and your baby.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time to practice mindful living and self-connection. It is also the time to create good self-care practices. We give so much focus to the pregnancy and very little focus to motherhood itself, so we need to make sure we feel supported and nurtured through this time of enormous change.

Let me know if you think we should do more on mindful pregnancy techniques…






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