You need to start ‘earthing’!

Noticed how nice it feels to kick off your shoes and walk on the grass? Or how taking steps on the beach with the sand through your toes instantly relaxes you?

This is Earthing!!

The earths surface is negatively charged, however us humans living in our modern world are bursting with the destructive positively charged free radicals that cause inflammation and damage to our bodies, leaving us ‘lopsided’ with a positive charge.

When we connect with the earth it’s like we have been plugged into our power socket, and our body balances out, causing a healing effect.

So, how do you do it?

Take of your shoes and socks

Find a patch of grass, sand or dirt. Sit, stand or walk over the area.

For optimum wellness, spend half an hour a day earthing

See the results for yourself – compare how you feel before and after!

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